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International Conference

24th of March 2019, Hotel Princeville****
Breda, The Netherlands

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Dear investor,

When did you buy your first gold? Personally, I bought my first coins in May 2011. Gold had been rising for more than a decade, and as a fierce goldbug I was convinced that it would rise for at least one decade more.

Boy, was I wrong. A few months later, in July 2011, gold saw its peak at 1920 dollar. From then on the price steadily went down until it almost crossed the magical border of 1000 dollar at the end of 2016.

In retrospect it looks like we have seen the bottom right there. Since then we have seen a Golden Cross and if the 50DMA can stay above the 200 DMA in the upcoming weeks, it seems safe to become bullish again.

In my mind, this is the ideal moment to get together and study the matter in detail with a number of specialists. For that reason, we assemble on the 24 of March 2019, in hotel Princeville**** Breda.

We begin the day with an analysis of Diederik Schmull, who was the vice-president of Morgan Stanley for 27 years. He knows the markets as the back of his pocket, and will focus primarily on the future of the dollar.

This is important, because, as we know, a strong dollar is not that good for gold. The "unique selling proposition" for gold, namely, is the idea that the monetary system as we know it cannot last forever.

Understanding how the dollar will evolve in a timeframe from 5 to 10 years, then, is crucial to construct the framework for our own analysis about gold. Mr. Schmull is the best man I know to talk about these things.

After that, it is my turn. My analysis will be geared entirely towards the best strategy to limit counter-party risk and this via an asset allocation technique I have come to call "the investment pyramid".

For those who do not know the concept: it comes down to organizing ones capital in such a way that it is as liquid as possible, but at the same time also as independent as possible from the monetary system.

For legacy members of our network, this is not new, but I don't think it is a bad thing to go over it again. My presentation will also be shorter than that of the others, so as to leave ample time for questions.

Then we listen to Scott Schamber, who is the Director of Precious Metals at GlobalGold. He will give a company presentation about the important items to consider when storing gold.

The case is, namely, that there are many storage programs, but not all of them take all the measures they could take when it comes to safety. GlobalGold does, and Mr. Schamber will explain how.

Let me also mention that I have chosen GG as a sponsor for a very specific reason: they are fully in tune with the defensive strategy we pursue at I am very happy to collaborate.

Then we go for lunch. I have chosen this hotel because I know that their catering is excellent, and because I am convinced that the networking possibilities are as important, if not more important, than the conference itself.

As you might know (or not), since the 1st of January we have changed the concept behind It is now not longer a mere financial newsletter, but a financial network that happens to have a club magazine. Small change, big difference.

It's at these kinds of events that you meet people with a wholly different view, or, conversely, exactly the same analysis. For years now, about a 100 people gather 2 times a year to analyze the markets, many of them specialists. This is the first time we do it in English and internationally.

After lunch it is time for Dimitri Speck. In Holland, he is not that known, but when I met him at a conference in Hamburg, I was so impressed that I simply knew he had to be a speaker at my own conference. I am very happy to have him.

Speck, namely, is the founder of and is specialized in so-called "seasonal charts", graphs, let's say, that allow us to detect trading patterns in gold. Technical analysis, let's say, but on steroids.

By analyzing these charts in a very thorough manner, his fund has succeeded to beat the market for years-on-end. He will show us what to watch out for and how to time the gold market. Dimitri is also very knowledgeable about the price drivers for gold. I cannot wait to see his presentation.

Then we listen to Mark Valek from He is widely reputed as being one of the best gold analysts in Europe. Every year, goldbugs cannot wait to devour his "In Gold We Trust"-report.

This year, he will give a presentation about the relationship between crypto and gold. As of present, he is pursuing a new business opportunity in that area, and we will be the first ones to hear about it.

I think this presentation forms the ideal bridge to a discussion about the future of the monetary system. Gold has given security for the last 5000 years, but maybe it is time to combine it with modern technology.

Top of the bill, and as the last speaker of the day, we listen to resources expert Thibaut Lepouttre. He is the author of, and known as a die-hard number cruncher.

For this conference, I gave him the specific assignment to pick out the three best gold mining stocks, the three best silver mining stocks, and the three best resource stocks in general.

If anything, this presentation will make sure that one can recoup ones entrance fee in no time. Lepouttre is a rising star in the field of resource analysis, and I cannot wait to hear his best tips for 2019 and beyond.

With that, we will have come to the end of the official part of the conference, which does not mean that one has to run of home. It is only now that the true conference begins. As always after such a day of impressions, we organize a reception with the speakers.

This is really useful in terms of being able to ask specific questions. Diederik Schmull, myself, Scott Schamber, Dimitri Speck, Mark Valek and Thibaut Lepouttre: all of them will be at your full disposal for more than an hour. A unique opportunity - use it to your benefit.

To top up, if you come to me during the reception, I will give you my unique Private Equity-tip for 2019. Every year, namely, I perform over 9 months of due diligence on one project I believe in, and that project I only share with those who are closest in the network.

Do come - it will be worth your while.

The price for this set of highly knowledgeable speakers, a perfect organization and our almost legendary network experience is 499 EUR, which ranks it among the top international conferences in the sector.

For those who would like to spend more money on buying gold, there is however a cheaper option: whoever is able to decide before the 1st of March 2019 can attend for a bit more than half the price.

If one uses the code "EARLY" one can attend for 325 EUR, which is a discount of 35 % to the standard price. Also note that this code is valid for one extra person. Ideal to combine the trip with a friend or spouse.

Please note that this conference is invitation only, and is limited to 150 people. This link is a private link which does not appear in search engines, and we would appreciate it if you only send it to people that you consider high quality gold investors.

Also take note of the fact that 119 tickets have been taken already. That is because our legacy members got the first opportunity, as always, to be part of this event. (If you want to become a legacy member, you must attend three events to have this privilege.)

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To conclude, let me repeat the full program:

Saturday Night Drink: starting at 18:00 in the Hotel Lobby

9:00 - Registration and seating
9:30 - Diederik Schmull - Macro-economic outlook
10:30 - Coffee break
11:00 - Brecht Arnaert - Micro-economic response
12:00 - Scott Schambers - Storing gold in Switzerland
12:30 - Lunch: warm and cold buffet
14:00 - Dimitri Speck - The future of gold
15:00 - Mark Valek - Gold and Bitcoin: Stronger together?
15:30 - Coffee break
16:00 - Thibaut Lepouttre - The best stock picks for 2019
17:00 - Concluding remarks
17:30 - Reception with free walk-outWith that, everything is said. If you would have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at brechtarnaert (***at***)

Dear friends,

This is a top conference with top speakers. You cannot mis it. In ten years time, and with gold having surpassed its old high by far, you will still talk about that legendary event in Breda. Be ready to make new friends, see old ones again, and above all: to enjoy your time.

Yours truly,

Brecht Arnaert

Again the registration link: here. Use the code EARLY to join this event for 325 EUR. (Can also be used for one extra person)


International Conference

24th of March 2019, Hotel Princeville****
Breda, The Netherlands